It’s always pasta, pasta, pasta!


February 13, 2013 by Piece of Pie and a Dash of DIY


I love pasta!  LOVE it!  I make it often.  My waistline has the proof!  🙂  But this is my version of a “healthy” pasta dish.  It is easy, colorful and packed with flavor!!  You could mix it up any way you like, but here’s how I did it:

2 tbsp butter

1 tbsp olive oil

1 lemon, halved

2 shallots, finely diced

3 cloves or 3 tsps of garlic, minced

1 pint grape tomatoes

1/3 cup sun-dried tomatoes

6 oz fresh spinach

1 tsp balsamic vinegar

1/2 parmesan cheese

1 box whole wheat pasta–I used thin spaghetti

raw shrimp

salt and pepper

  1. Melt one tablespoon of butter and olive oil in pan over medium heat.
  2. After butter stars to brown, add finely diced shallots.
  3. Cook shallots until translucent and then add minced garlic.(Don’t burn the garlic!!!)
  4. Boil water for pasta.
  5. Next add grape tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and juice of half of lemon to pan and reduce heat to medium low.
  6. Drain pasta, return to pot and add one tablespoon butter, 1/4 parmesan cheese and spinach, toss until spinach starts to wilt.
  7. After grape tomatoes begin to burst, add shrimp and cook until pink(about 2-3 minutes.)
  8. Mix pasta and shrimp mixture together in pan with juice of other lemon half.
  9. Top with sea salt, black pepper and remaining parmesan cheese. 


This would also be great with chicken or even meat free would be delish.  Add bell peppers, broccoli or kale.  Maybe even black olives and feta cheese?!  Another shallot and clove of garlic?!  The more the merrier in my opinion!!

This is one of my favorite dishes I’ve made lately, I hope you enjoy!!  🙂



One thought on “It’s always pasta, pasta, pasta!

  1. Joe says:

    I think I’ll ask my wife to make that for me sometime this week! Yummo! 🙂

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