DIY–Glass canisters


January 28, 2013 by Piece of Pie and a Dash of DIY


I can recycle glass containers in my city, but my clumsiness has caused me enough cuts.  And I hated to throw them away so I looked up some ideas on, yep you guessed it, Pinterest.  These are my super simple and not at all fancy DIY glass canisters(links for fancier versions are at the end of this post).  Here’s what you’ll need:

Cleaned glass containers

Glue gun, glue sticks

Black acrylic paint, paint brush(spray paint would work too)

Unfinished wooden candlesticks

Unfinished wooden finials

  1. Paint wooden candlesticks, finials and lids.
  2. Allow paint to dry.
  3. Touch up any spots you missed.
  4. Hot glue small candlestick on bottom of jar, making sure it is center.
  5. Glue finial on jar lid, again making sure it is center.


Yes, it really is that easy!!  🙂  This whole process only took 20-25 minutes!  Acrylic paint costs about $1 at Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby.  Glue gun and glue sticks cost about $10 and trust me–you will use this glue gun more than you could ever imagine!  I use mine nearly every day!  The short candlesticks come in a pack of 6 for $4.  There are many kinds of finials.  I bought a pack of 3 for around $2.  So for less than $20 you can have cute containers and feel good about upcycling your glass!   Happy DIY’ing!! 

Here are a couple of sources from Pinterest:

creative confetti: Super Glue and a Pickle Jar Too.

Candlestick Candy Jars | Teal and Lime.


One thought on “DIY–Glass canisters

  1. Joe says:

    Super Cute and very practicle!!

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